January 19, 2021


When I first thought about networking I was filled with dread. Oh no new people I don’t know, what if no one talks to me, will I be stood on my own like a lemon!

But two years on, I now have the support of some great networking groups, https://www.pinklinkladies.co.uk/ and https://uniqueladies.co.uk/ are just a couple of them.

Although the networking landscape has changed in the last year. Now we Zoom instead of meeting in person, I still love meeting new people, getting to know their businesses, their hopes, successes, and challenges.

There are lots of different networking groups, so you must find the one that’s right for you. Some I love and some are just not for me, or perhaps not for me right now. But it is worth trying a few.

The great reasons to network are – It builds your confidence. Getting out there and introducing myself and my business to strangers, trying to get my message across, was hard at first and can’t say I am perfect, but practice and familiarity soon makes it second nature. But as experience builds so did my confidence.

It’s inspiring. Small business owners share a common energy. Mixing with people who rely on their own resources to survive and who think outside the box to get the edge on their competitors is always an inspiration. Meeting people who have the same difficulties but are willing to share their solutions is a great encouragement.

Word-of-mouth recommendations. A great reason to network. The more people who know what you do, the more people will recommend you.

Finding great suppliers. Networking is great for building personal relationships with suppliers. Pam at https://www.shootandbloom.co.uk/ is just one, there are lots more.

Just some of the fantastic reasons to network, so what are you waiting for? Get yourselves signed up now!